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Macitynet on Alexa: the summary of news to listen on Echo and Alexa App

Macitynet รจ su Alexa: il sommario da ascoltare con un comando vocale su Echo e App

We showed you a preview on our website of Alexa's capabilities and the possibility of combining with iOS devices and home automation. You have seen on macitynet how Amazon's Echo smart speakers work but now you can experience the opposite: listen to Macitynet on Amazon Echoes by simply recalling the latest news.

Just go to the "Skills and games" section of the menu at the top left and click on "Add Content".

The system recalls the news appeared on the site at any time; obviously it does not replace direct consultation but if you have taken the habit of asking Alexa Latest News you can combine our news with those of RAI, TV, Radio radio newspapers already active in the Italian Skills to complete your collection of information also on the topics of technology we deal with on a daily basis.

Macitynet on Alexa: the summary of news to listen on Echo and Alexa AppIn addition to this, the latest news read will appear on the iPhone and Android terminal and you can scroll and click to transfer to the starting web page.

Macitynet is pronounced all-Italian macitinet dot it because the Italian text to speech function is used after many years the real English pronunciation of the site name remains a mystery for us too: get used to hearing it pronounce so pending that we find the system to educate Alexa to the alleged correct pronunciation.

Once activated the skill baster dire Alexa, Latest News or Alexa, what are the news today? or Alexa, what are the news of the day?".

You can order the reading sequence by simply moving the sequence of Skills that contain the summary: the news of Macitynet will be scanned verbally as and when you want together with local or national news.

Alexa arrived on October 30 in our country: macitynet among the very first Italian Hi-Tech specialized sites to have their own skill available on Alexa: from November 1st 2018 you also have this opportunity to follow us.

On Macitynet you will find a section dedicated to Alexa and many related news in our area dedicated to the Smart Home.