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Macity and MacProf, half a million thanks

Normally we don't talk about us much from Macity and MacProf. We do not quote our anniversaries, we do not publicly count the emails we receive, we do not give the numbers of the visits and those of the pages served. We are only exceptions on some occasions when we overcome goals that we consider significant not only for us but also for our readers who have been following us with love and a spirit of collaboration for so long. This weekend represents one of these exceptional cases. In fact, for the first time in September, Macity and MacProf have cut the milestone of half a million pages served, 527,080 for the first time in their history. the basis of which our reality is not only the first among those dedicated to the Mac world in terms of traffic volume in Italy, but is compared on a par with the major European sites and not only those edited by "independent" companies like ours, but also those linked to some leading newspapers. The goal becomes intuitively more relevant if we consider that our sites have served half a million real pages, which contained articles, special services, editorials, exclusive images, not half-empty frameworks made only to "drug" our statistics, all made with journalistic modality, avoiding repetitions and "excerpts" from other sites and focusing on exhaustiveness, reflection and originality as well as on the location of the same news. All of this makes Macity and MacProf a unique case in the world of Mac information, where there are many sites that offer a service like ours, but none of these is unrelated to great publishing realities. This goal, which makes us proud, as we have already said at other times, it would not have been cut without the contribution of those who contribute every day to the creation of this site. Our collaborators, in particular, which we list in strict alphabetical order: Beniamino Cenci Goga, Mauro Notarianni and Fabio Zambelli. To them, who often work with iron constancy at impossible hours and rhythms, in the middle of the night or before the lights of dawn, touches our thanks first. But Macity and MacProf also have other equally important collaborators, our readers. From them come many ideas for the services that we publish every day, images and suggestions, they are, or rather, it is you who come to visit us every day giving us the energy and strength necessary to move forward and aim for new goals. headquarters not the most suitable place to talk about the future, suffice it to say that we are already working to consolidate and improve what has been done to date. The Macity and the MacProf of the future (not too close yet) will be sites still made with greater professionalism, investing new resources and new energy. These days we are developing our new bet, hoping to win again, even with your help.