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MacBook Pro, new rumors; are there other news too?

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Rumors about the imminent launch of the MacBook Pro continue to bounce from site to site. After the weekend rumors launched by MacRumors, it's up to AppleInsider to resume the discussion. According to the site, there are many signals coming from the Apple Retail Stores too; in particular, some stores would be free of 13 and 17-inch aluminum Unibody portable machines, which has never happened before; at least one store would have been instructed to make room for 16 pallets of Apple merchandise versus the 12 normally in stock. Finally, in a third store the store inventory manager would not have been able to order new machines despite the warehouse being stripped of machines. The site also notes the three-day slip for delivery times of some MacBook Pro models in some online Apple Stores that Macitynet had reported on Sunday morning.

For now few rumors about the news of the new hardware. Except for the new processors (Core i3, Core i5 and perhaps the Core i7 in build to order) and on new generation graphics cards, nobody gets too much off balance; an increase in autonomy is possible (up to 8 hours), the new Optimum technology is desirable which allows you to automatically turn off the discrete card when not in use, saving electricity. Some rumors rebounded over the past few days also talked about Blu-ray players in the higher-end MacBooks, but difficult to say if it is a wish or a real indiscretion. What is certain that if there were really 8-hour batteries, it would not be a mirage to be able to watch an entire Blu-ray movie without being forced to use the power outlet. That this may be enough to make Jobs change his mind, who has always considered Blu-ray to be inextricable (technical and in terms of licenses) from which to remain distant, all to be seen.

Beyond the specifications, which tomorrow or, at the latest, next week, the new machines will be released, if not an established fact, very likely. The Mac class being updated is much less predictable; the weekend part numbers seem to refer only to the 15 and 17-inch MacBook Pro; but an upgrade of these models would be difficult to combine with the maintenance of the current offer of 13-inch machines whose sales could be frozen with customers who would postpone the purchase pending the launch of new versions. If the hardware were to remain unchanged, a revival in the form of a price drop would be likely at this point to get the market for the smaller MacBook Pros moving, which basically stops, at least in our latitudes.

Question marks also arise on the MacBook Air, albeit rather aged, on the Apple LED Cinema Display (there has been talk of a renewal of the offer with a 27-inch monitor similar to that of the iMacs) and also of the MacPro. But for the latter machines, a launch at the gates of the summer seems more likely if not in the summer, perhaps coinciding with some news for the iMac and the Mac mini.

Nor should it be forgotten, finally, that there are only about fifteen days left until the end of the month when iPad should also be made available on the European market. An announcement of the official date later in the day does not seem to be excluded.