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MacBook Pro 16 includes a new sensor. Meanwhile, the Boot Camp drivers arrive


16 "MacBook Pro gets ready to run Windows, and meanwhile it turns out that it includes a new sensor to measure the inclination angle of the lid.

Apple's new heavyweight has been available for purchase for a week – immediately after the announcement – and the first buyers had complained about the lack of compatibility with Boot Camp. Apple has therefore resolved in the past few hours, releasing a compatible driver package. For interested users it should suffice to repeat the Boot Camp configuration procedure: no error message should appear.

The sensor issue was discovered by colleagues from MacRumors, who have read in one of the confidential documents that Apple sends to authorized service centers. They turned the information to the boys of iFixit, which on that device have already got their hands in the past few days; the sensor has been identified – it's right in a corner near the hinge. Even the hinge, among other things, is magnetic: on the outside there is an arrow that indicates its polarity.

At the moment there are no official indications on the purpose of the sensor. It can only be speculated: the two most convincing hypotheses are that 1] Apple could prepare a new function in macOS, or 2] it wants to be able to monitor how the laptop was opened / closed in case a second flexgate should break out.