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MacBook keyboard: Apple repairs it to everyone

macbook keyboard

Apple has announced that it has created the new version of its butterfly keyboard, which will be available on the new MacBook Pro. Apple has finally promised that it will accelerate keyboard repair times.

Apple has announced an update of its MacBook keyboard repair program. All handsets with the so-called butterfly mechanism (ie all modern MacBooks) will now be fully eligible for the Apple Keyboard Assistance Program. this extension means that some newer models that have not been previously covered will be able to get free repair. Unfortunately, Apple has not even announced a time extension of this program, which still covers 4 years from the date of sale of the unit.

Assistance for MacBoook butterfly keyboards

Apple has also announced that it has created the new version of its butterfly keyboard, which will be available on the new MacBook Pro. Surprisingly, the new keyboards will also be suitable for the repair program. Apple has finally promised that it will accelerate keyboard repair times.

In recent years, Apple has had to face the burning issue of the reliability of its butterfly keyboards and rightly, given the problems. Although the company once again pointed out in a call that the vast majority of customers did not encounter problems, too many of them had to contend with locked keys that caused double letters or no actual typing. Only recently has Apple started apologizing for the problem, but it has also tried to connote it as a minor issue, which does not concern most customers. Lately for, the amount of evidence that you see flocking on social media has reached the point where it is no longer possible to define them as rare cases. It is therefore likely that simply expanding the repair program will not be sufficient.

The effort to significantly reduce repair times at points of sale could be another useful element. However, it has not yet been specified which Apple processes are being modified to make repairs to MacBook keyboards faster.

macbook keyboard

Renewed design for the MacBook keyboard

Last but certainly not least, Apple has once again optimized the design of its butterfly keyboard. In fact, the company states that it is using new materials in the switch mechanism that should significantly reduce the occurrence of double key presses. The new version will be sold with the new 15-inch MacBook Pro and 13-inch MacBook Pro with the newly announced Touch Bar and the new keyboard will also be suitable for the Apple repair program if those changes are not enough. The technology giant has not announced whether it will use these new materials on other MacBooks.

During a call, the company also refused to actually characterize us where the new material differs from the previous one, apart from saying that it substantially reduces the problem of double keystrokes or missing keystrokes. The new design is still part of the third generation of MacBook.

According to Apple, some customers who need to repair the keyboard for their 13-inch and 15-inch MacBookers will see their products replaced with those made with the new materials. This applies only to MacBooks that already have the third generation butterfly keyboard, that is, the 2018 models of the MacBook Pro and the new MacBook Air.

Need a more radical change?

These are all positive moves from Apple, but it remains to be seen if they will actually be sufficient to quell the concerns that the entire Mac community has had on these keyboards. To understand it, you probably need to have more specifics about what these material changes are and if they actually make the biggest difference as Apple claims.

With today's call, Apple has said that the Mac is still growing, despite the general decline of the industry, and that it is investing in these products more than ever. Probably all true, but it won't change the fact that many of its customers believe that more radical solutions to the keyboard problem are needed.

Probably these concerns will not disappear until Apple will radically change the design of the keyboard across the entire MacBook line. So far, we have no indication that the company is ready to do so.