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MacBook 2019: which one to choose?

MacBook 2019: which one to choose?

MacBook Apples have long been considered a non plus ultra among laptops. Read and discover which one to choose from the 2019 novelties!

Apple portable computers have long been considered the non plus ultra of laptops. The MacBooks were the first to introduce technologies such as aluminum unibody construction, super-sharp IPS screens, backlit keyboards and multitouch trackpads. The choice of Apple models makes it difficult to move between the proposals to make the purchase that best suits our needs. How to make the best choice? Given that the cost of a MacBook is significantly higher than competing models, it is important to evaluate the options.

  • MacBook air (13): Overall the best. The new Air version looks a lot like the new MacBook Pro models, with a crisp 13-inch Retina display, a responsive trackpad, an improved butterfly keyboard (with dust cover), powerful speakers and two 3-port USB-C / Thunderbolt. Inside an Intel i5 dual core 1.6 GHz processor, a 128 GB SSD and 8 GB of RAM.
  • MacBook pro (15): For those with high demands. And the handset that fits in the highest price range. Equipped with an eighth-generation six-core Intel i7 processor, the 16 GB of RAM makes it ideal for anything from 4K video editing to massive exports.
  • MacBook (12): Ideal for those who travel often. If the dimensions and weight are the features that interest you, even at the expense of power, the 12 super skinny Apple MacBook made just for you. This thin and light laptop is based on a technology that should guarantee an incredibly high performance battery life. The Achilles heel consists of having only one USB-C port.

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What are the weaknesses of a MacBook?

Before choosing to correctly list the weaknesses of the latest generation of Apple laptops that you will know best.

And a good time to buy?All things considered, yes Apple could reveal a MacBook Pro or two in June but still a guess. We don't know when the MacBook Air will have a replacement as it has only been released for a couple of months. The standard MacBook should be updated this year.

And which MacBook do you choose?