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MacBook 13 (2019), sudden shutdown: Apple publishes the solution

MacBook 13 (2019), sudden shutdown: Apple publishes the solution

Apple has published on its support page the guide (available in the SOURCE) dedicated to a problem that affects some of the 13-inch MacBook Pro produced in 2019 (those that have two Thunderbolt 3 ports), and that causes the machine to shut down unexpectedly.

It's not an easy time for Cupertino on the MacBook front: despite the improvements brought to the keyboard on the new 16-inch model with Magic Keyboard (which we talked about in the review these days), the butterfly mechanism adopted on all other laptops has created many discontents over time, and now consumers have started a class action (in California) that Apple has failed to stop.

Regarding the problem in question, however, the solution would be simpler, because it would be a software conflict, and not hardware (as it is for the keyboard mechanism). Below are the simple steps that Apple requires to arrive at a solution.

If the battery in your MacBook Pro is less than 90%, go to step 2. If the battery is over 90%, use your computer until the percentage falls below a value below 90%, then go to step 2 .

  1. Connect your Mac to its power supply
  2. Close all open applications
  3. Close the computer cover so that the Mac is in sleep mode
  4. Charge your Mac for at least 8 hours
  5. After 8 hours, update the device to the latest version of macOS

Should the problem persist, Apple recommends contacting your customer service directly.