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Macally discovers its first accessories for iPhone 3G

As per tradition Macally does not wait and begins to present some interesting and useful accessories for all owners of iPhone 3G. Let's see the first 4 proposals.


mCase-2P a rigid cover with an imitation leather covering and soft interior. It keeps every interface and button accessible and includes a protective screen, which does not affect the use of the touch-screen. It is sold for $ 20.


Metro-P a very thin insertion cover (only 1 mm thick), made of ABS and with a knurled back, to increase the grip on the accessory. Also in this case the characteristics of the case allow full access to buttons and connections, and including the protective screen. Available in black or white, the cost of 20 Dollars.


mSuit-P a silicone case very similar to the previous one, with a knurled back for a better grip, access to connections and a protective screen for the iPhone 3G touch screen. Also available in black and white, the cost of the accessory of 13 dollars.


TunePal a double accessory for iPhone 3G: it consists of a set of in-ear earphones, with integrated microphone / button, fully usable for the functionality of the Apple mobile phone. Secondly including an audio splitter, which allows you to use a second set of earphones or headphones to listen to music from the same iPhone with a friend. Compatible with iPhone, iPod and all devices with a 3.5mm jack, the TunePal sold at a cost of $ 20.

Recall that in Italy Macally products are distributed by ADL and Ellessecom.