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.Mac Services: Backup.

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.Mac Services: Backup. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

With Backup 1.0 (1.1 MB file for Mac OS X you download by logging into the page) Apple begins to demonstrate the virtues of its online service, which will reach its peak when Jaguar.Backup is released (application running on any localization of Mac OS 10.1.2) allows the saving on your iDisk (oppre on CD or DVD through the burner inside the Mac) of all the data to which you keep with particular care, of course if the 100 MB provided now all members, Apple very happy to sell you up to 1 GB for an additional $ 350. We remember that .Mac will be paid for the old (starting from October 1) and the new users of iTools which, in fact, is now called .Mac (dot Mac) .Pur having Apple, at the moment, prepared .Mac only in English and Japanese, the service will be paid in the same way also in our country.

For old users (until the end of July 16), Apple reserves a discounted first year at $ 50 (let's not go into detail if it is the 49.99 that can be read in the table on the side or the 49.95 that Apple mentions in the FAQ) , for all new users, the full price of 100 dollars (99.95 to be precise) .At the time of signing the service, as some readers point out, no VAT fee is added.

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