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Mac OS X 10.2 in Italy

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In Cologno Monzese, Apple Italy illustrated to the specialized press in the Mac world the philosophy of "Jaguar" … indeed, of Mac OS X 10.2, here is a summary with some of our meditations, just 22 days from its world debut (15 languages): in a month of the year where making big launches organized with all the trappings really difficult, Apple still managed to select the suitable (and above all open) sales points for the event … with surprise. With this version no one will have more alibis, the 150 new ones features (the visible and the invisible ones) make the use of Mac OS X the default operating system, and not only for the aesthetic leap but above all for the basic performance: it seems that we will have to forget about Mac OS Classic.

Exceptional in our opinion and first in the ranking of news worthy of mention, Rendevous, has solid foundations to become an industrial standard, it can be said that it is the AppleTalk on IP of the third millennium, considered then that a technology open to all communication routes, such as wireless, we believe that it can greatly facilitate everyone's life Mac users.

Mail it appears decidedly mature, after the first months of hesitation and growth, ready for almost all the needs that anyone brings with them from years of experience with the various Eudora, Outlook, Entourage, Emailer, etc. Everything to be verified in the long term, but also the anti-spam filter (which in the first weeks of use learns from the user what is junk mail and what is not) seems designed to finally free us from all those MB of useless, intrusive messages and disrespectful of privacy.

Quartz Extreme will be the real graphics engine, based on OpenGL, which (with suitably equipped Macs) will speed everything that happens on the Mac screen by delegating the calculations to the GPU – Graphic Processor Unit nVidia or ATI, to soften the texts, in short, to make the bile d 'swell envy all Windows users. In this regard, we would like to remind you that anyone who has to mount Mac OS 10.2 on older Macs (we have already had the opportunity to clarify it here) will still be able to enjoy some improvements, Apple carried out a comparative test and on a PowerMac G4 Dual measuring the frames per second in the redesign of a rather complicated semi-transparent window: 6.7 fps are displayed with Mac OS X 10.1, with Mac OS X 10.2 without suitable GPU 12.1 fps are displayed and finally with Mac OS X 10.2 and latest generation GPUs are displayed 20.1 fps.

The synchronization of iSync between the peripherals (iPod, mobile phone and PDA) and the Mac a really great idea: it remains only to check thoroughly whether the "simple" belonging to the standard (with various levels of implementation) SyncML of the various Bluetooth mobile phones is sufficient to recognize also other mobile phones (other than those tested by Apple thanks to the marketing agreement with SonyEricsson and Cingular).

For a few days, after the purchase of Mac OS X 10.2, we will have to do without iSync, in fact we read in the press release that iSync will be available in September for free download and will of course only work with "Jaguar".

QuickTime 6 included in Mac OS X 10.2 (the release times of QT 6 in Italian for Mac OS Classic are not yet known, even if the Apple website suggests that it exists by listing our language among those available) but to produce files by spreading the new standard in MPEG4 (video) and AAC (audio) you will have to buy the Pro code at a cost of 42 euros (VAT included) … unfortunately, because as it has been proven in the past, to spread a standard fundamental factor to be able to produce it and not only view / hear it (remember that with Mac OS 8.5 the code for the Pro version of QuickTime of the time, 3 was distributed).

We finally tried it by hand (in the truest sense of the word) Ink, after the fleeting appearance at Macworld in New York City and the recognition of writing (now in all available Unicode languages, including Italian) does not seem particularly more efficient than what we saw several years ago on the now deceased (a bit of nostalgia for your editor!) Apple Newton … serious? No, because at that time the technology worked rather well, now in Aqua style but this is not important, it will be a very valuable help for those who use this input method.

As known, within Universal Access, Italian will not be recognized in speech synthesis, only English and Spanish-Mexican will be, a decidedly American choice.For programmers: perhaps they will be happy to know that programming languages ​​are now supported in Mac OS X 10.2 "Python" and "Ruby".

We come to Sherlock 3 that in "our" European version will be interesting but halved in its effectiveness, all those functions known to those who have listened to Jobs or to those who have read them on (certainly the result of long studies and agreements with the various service providers and which find fertile ground in North America), we will not see them in "Jaguar". We are granted only one variation, what in the US was "Yellow Pages" here will become "Maps" and will be nothing more than a map service for the location of postal addresses. So no further localization and it is also denied that in Great Britain, the local Apple may have promised a localization of the services … certainly the country of His Majesty could be the first step outside the USA, but at the moment nothing defined. also get in our part to have something similar to what the Americans will be able to exploit on August 24, but it is something extremely complex, a clear example "Movies": search for the film, parallel appearance of the trailer, possibility to see where being programmed in your city and booking and assigning a seat to the chosen cinema at the given time! It is not yet known exactly how much the implementation of CUPS is integrated in Mac OS 10.2 and not even how many printer and scanner drivers have been added … As you know, in parallel with Mac OS X 10.2 "Jaguar" (166.80 euros including VAT, or upgrades of various types to 30 euros I VA included), on August 24 Mac OS X 10.2 Server will also be in stores in three "10 customers" versions (694.80 euros including VAT and 478.80 euros including VAT for the education version), "unlimited" (1,378, 80 euros VAT included and 958.80 euros VAT included for the education version) and "upgrade from 10 clients to unlimited" for 694.80 euros VAT included, in addition to the upgrade from 30 euros VAT included. During the second half of September, Apple Italy will organize demo days and seminars focused on Mac OS X 10.2 and perhaps there will also be other initiatives, not yet decided, for the month of October.