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Mac OS X 10.2.1 available

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Installation There are two ways to update the system to Mac OS 10.2.1– Automatic software update (from the control panel Software Update) – Standalone Installation

An installer will be available for download from the Apple software update site.

We recommend freeing up space on the installation disk for approximately 500 MB

Important: read before installing 1. It is necessary to have an Administrator password that does not contain spaces or special characters entered using the option (alt) key to install. If your password needs to be changed, follow these steps: select "System Preferences" from the Apple menu. Select "Account". Select an Administrator user and press "Change User". Change the password and press OK. 2. Unexpected problems may occur if third-party applications that have modified the system are installed or if you have modified it by other means. This cautionary warning does not apply to the normal installation of applications. 3. The installation process must not be interrupted. Check the progress by clicking on the "Detailed Progress" triangle. If a power shutdown occurs or other interruptions occur during installation, use the stand-alone installer from Apple Software Download to install.

Improvements obtainable with this update:

Burning improvements – Improved compatibility of CDs burned in Mac OS X and read on Windows computers – Resolves a situation that prevents burning a CD using high-speed iTunes 3 recording speed – Solves an issue where Disk Utility was reporting problems without reason scanning of a disc burned with iTunes in the Finder Added support for various third-party burners: TDK VeloCD 241032FP and 241040F, MCE Technologies Lucid-24 24x10x24x Portable FireWire CDRW Drive, LaCie PocketCDRW 24x10x24 U&I, EZQuest Boa CDR / w 48x12x48 FireWire cdrw 40x10x40 and cdrw 48x10x40.

Improvements for the Digital Hub and Peripherals

– Decreases the time taken to open Final Cut Pro takes, improves compatibility with the Sony DVMC-DA1 analogue digital converter (not useful in Italy because it is NTSC only) – Improves compatibility with the Canopus ADVC analogue-digital converter -100– Improves compatibility with some scanners with SCSI interface– Improves the compatibility of Image Acquisition with Epson DS (TWAIN) scanners – Better results in scanning in grayscale or black and white with Image Acquisition and Epson UI – Improved l reliability of hot-swappable FireWire cameras on iMac using Final Cut Pro – Fixed the problem that in some cases did not recognize USB keyboards or mice or it was not possible to wake the Mac from stop if the peripherals were disconnected from a USB hub when the computer he was sleeping

Improvements for Networks and for email management

– Solves a situation in which certain Internet providers may not accept outgoing mail (SMTP) from computers that use NAT and a host name ".local" (which could be assigned by RendezVous) – Solves a situation in which if the connection drops when transferring emails to your computer via the internal network or the Internet, all untransferred mail was lost.– Improves Mac OS X Server performance under heavy load by AFP clients – Improves Mac reliability OS X Server when a Mac OS 9 client tries to make a scheduled AFP connection. – Addresses a potential problem where Mail may fail to import messages from Eudora.

Improvements for printing

– Resolves an issue that occurred using St. Claire Software's Default Folder X, Print Center could close unexpectedly – Compatibility improvements with HP LaserJet 4V and HP LaserJet 4MV printers – Reduction in the occurrence of a potential “busy; source EIO (ATALK) "when printing in AppleTalk via CUPS – Reduction of the occurrence of an error by adding a third party USB printer with the appearance of a potential" error -1 "in the Print Center – Solves a problem of printing via CUPS in which the second job in the queue could start automatically if the first job was stopped. – Includes many other improvements for printing through CUPS.

Other improvements

– Improves situations in which web pages could without reason take a long time to be rendered – Solves compatibility problems with Microsoft Entourage.– Solves the potential problem of the ticking hard drive symptom caused by IOAudio errors that are regularly written on the archive system.log.– Resolves the potential problem of unavailability of Mac Help after installation with previous erasure of the disk content – Improves the compatibility of the Universal Access Zoom feature in some iBook models – Solves an issue where the screen of the 'iBook does not show any screens after waking up from a stop when connected to an external display or presentation. – Solves the problem in which in Classic mode no sound is obtained after waking up from the stop – Solves the problem of the availability of Apple Talk in Classic after waking up from the stop– Resolves some potential situations i of kernel panic.