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Mac OS on Amiga

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AmigaOne the name of the new platform that should bring the historic brand back on the market (the conditional, with Amiga, really a must).

Several test machines, based on PPC G3 processors, have been in the hands of the developers for some time, and here is the bomb news: MacOS also runs on these machines without the need for an Apple ROM!

The news appeared on the AmigaOne developer mailng list, one sent by a certain "ackcontrols", who installed Linux YellowDog 2.2 on a new Amiga, and then

Through Mac On Linux, a PPC virtual machine created specifically to allow the use of Mac programs on Linux. At this point he was able to boot MacOS 9 from a SCSI disk taken from a PowerMac 8500.

MacOnLinux a totally free software with remarkable features: it supports MacOS from version 7.5.2 to 9.2.2, Altivec, manages to reproduce audio, manages network connections and much more. ( Some rumors claim that the MacOnLinux team would be thinking of starting work on MacOS X support.

If really AmigaOne were to be put on the market at affordable prices, and quickly moved to G4 processors, it will be interesting to see how and how much the compatibility layer with Mac will develop, and above all if some hack (hardware or software) will arrive to allow the running MacOS without the need for a virtual machine.

(By Marco Centofanti)