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Mac: best programs of 2014

Mac: best programs of 2014


Here are the best Mac programs updated in late 2014. What are the best Mac programs and apps?

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Do you have a Mac? Have you just bought a Mac and don't know which programs or applications to buy? You are in the right place! Today we will go to see what are the best apps and the best programs to download immediately on your Mac to take full advantage of it.

obviously on the Mac App Store there are hundreds of thousands of programs and it is certainly difficult to list the best ones, but in this article we will list you 10 most special and useful programs to download to your Mac.

Obviously we will not talk about the most "discounted" software such as the iWork suite, Photoshop or all the others that you can safely find among the most downloaded apps on the Store. In this article we will simply list the most interesting apps that you may not have had the opportunity or time to discover.

Now enough with the chatter and let's see which are the most interesting apps for Mac or in any case the ones you absolutely must try.

Here are the best Mac programs updated in late 2014.

1.Screen Replay: interesting app to make high resolution screencasts directly from your Mac monitor

2.Draft Control: interesting app to track and store changes in your Office files such as documents in Docx, Word, Pages and the like

3.StorageStatus: an interesting program that shows all the physical storage devices connected to your Mac

4.Recordit: other app to record screenscasts and save them as GIF

5.FilePane: useful program to manage the Drag & Drop of files on Mac

6.VirusTotal: they say that there are no viruses on Macs, but better not to risk and carefully check all the files that are opened on Mac with this powerful program

7.Copybin: useful app to send files and text between Mac, iPhone, iPod and iPad, all wirelessly and in complete freedom

8.Control Center: it will be like having the Control Center of iPhone, iPod and iPad directly on Mac

9.TagSpaces: useful to tag your files through a combination of colors and text

10.OpenEmu: a powerful and complete emulator for GBA, SNES and other consoles that have made the history of video games.

Well, we have concluded. As you can see, we have not listed already well-known and super-known applications, but simply we've introduced 10 interesting Mac apps and programs that might come in handy. Some are free, some are paid. Consider whether to buy them or not according to your needs.

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