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Mac and PC compared: maintenance rewards the Apple

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Mac computers cost (maybe) something more than PC computers but in the end they are cheaper to maintain and manage than those that use Wintel systems

This was not supported by Apple, but by the respectable investigation company Gartner who developed its claims by studying the example of the University of Melbourne which uses 4,676 Macs and 5,338 Wintels in the art department. The investigation examined all the economic aspects that have a correlation with the computer, therefore the purchase price, upgrade, software, maintenance, repair and assistance as well as the learning courses.

In the end, buying and owning a Mac is 36% cheaper than choosing a PC. To significantly affect the support for the two machines that for a Mac comes, in the Gartner sample, to cost $ 1953 with the $ 2522 (obviously Australian) per year of a PC, practically 29% less. Macs need less technical support and the cost of the software dedicated to them has lower costs. In addition, the University of Melbourne has verified that a systems specialist is able to maintain a higher number of PCs for the same number of hours.

Finally, according to Gartner, the efficiency and ease of use of the Mac leads to further indirect savings quantifiable in 43% compared to a PC

A result, that of Gartner, which contributes with facts to support Apple's new Switch campaign.