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.mac: a few more hours to decide. [aggiornato]

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.mac: a few more hours to decide. (updated) –

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Apple, after lengthening the time period to adhere to the offer that now expires on October 14 and no longer on September 30, today releases the notes in Italian through the software update (activated from the control panel) for users who after any abandonment of the .mac service they wish to remove or make a backup of their iDisk (the virtual disk on the internet where to store their data) .IDisk content for those who decide not to renew their email (email protected) for $ 49 it will be canceled on October 15th.

Last minute news the possibility, in case you do not want to renew your subscription immediately, to keep your URL under and your name for ichat reserved and not usable by others with similar names and always ready in case of return to the use of .mac services.This resolves a possible cause of errors or even scams in which a newly registered user could have assumed the virtual identity or website of another user who had not protracted the service addiction.

Discover the pros and cons of Apple's offer on this Macitynet page with the link also to the opinion of already registered users.

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