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Lotus Notes coming soon for iPhone

Good news for iPhone owners is coming from IBM: the information technology giant has announced that it will be ready to release the Lotus iNotes program, native iPhone software that will allow users of the IBM suite to be able to consult your mailbox, contacts and calendars.

The program would be nothing more than an ad hoc version of Lotus Domino Web Access, an application that allows access to the Lotus Domino Server used by the famous Big Blue program. As can be guessed, the interface will be in full iPhone style, allowing users of the Apple mobile phone to access their personal information quickly and conveniently.

Many features will be included, such as sending attachments, different appointment views, options for inserting and checking contacts and calendars, and optimized management of mailboxes.

A move that could help Apple increase its presence in the business sector, given the penetration of Lotus Notes in today's corporate world; perhaps this is not the most cutting-edge software, but still very popular. Still no details on the likely release date of the IBM program on the App Store, nor on the target price.