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LottoRC, the lotto and all the calculations to win in iPhone and touch

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LottoRC, the lotto and all the calculations to win in iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Lotto applications as if it rained on the App Store.After the excellent examples of the past weeks, LottoRC arrives on the store dedicated to iPhone and iPod touch.

It is a program that has some advantages and novelties compared to other similar ones and that can be a real manual to play. For example LottoRC calculates any winnings simply by entering the numbers, which is useful for calculating how much you can "take home" by playing a number or, conversely, enter a figure to know how much to bet. LottoRC allows you to weigh the predictions based on the winnings, make calculations on aspects such as the value of both on one wheel or a terno on all wheels and much more, all without a technical or in-depth knowledge of the Lotto game. In fact, just enter the amount to be played on each combination and then enter the number of numbers played, the number of wheels (from 1 to 11, including the national team), and at that point assume how many numbers among those played will result. The application at that point will carry out the calculation also saying the total win and the net win (total win with the expense). The application also shows the total winnings not based on the share of the relevant combination played, but how much you actually won, that is, by removing the 6% fees.

LottoRC was created in collaboration with a lottologist who oversaw the functionality and provided development advice.

The application for sale for 79 cents on the App Store

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