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Lost & Desperate: the real news from Apple

The Latins distinguished (and in Italian there is a trace of it) between the near future and the future anterior. Something that happens tomorrow or next year. Many times, however, the world of consumer computing and multinational strategies, this distinction is lost. It is lost because in the fantasies of our professional futurologists and market magicians it is more important to let everyone live in a state of permanent revolution than in one of reasonable progress.

With this, what do we mean? That the new iPod Video – of which Steve Jobs swore and swore until a few months ago that there was no need – is "less worse" than might have been expected, but not "the best of the best"? No, the discussion is not about the container, but about the contents.

An iPod Video, which the market was clamoring for if nothing else to preside over a segment of digital music players, so obvious that, as far as Apple could have invested it, certainly less than what the world of fans hoped for came from almost two years. No, another trick.

We still have no news, the departure was not as striking as for the music, but the secret weapon was different from the one everyone expected. Apple is focusing on the near future, the near one, not on the front one, ie on the distant one. If it was said: Apple has to do for the movies what it has done for the music, ie an iTunes Movie Store, the big disappointment. A few Pixar shorts and then lots of homemade podcasting. Instead, the revolution was under everyone's eyes and Apple tries to play its secret card: the show. Tomorrow's digital video revolution, not the day after tomorrow.

Do you know what is most downloaded from the Internet in the last twenty months? Telefilm. You know what HBO, the cable network it created Sex and the City, would you like it to disappear from the BitTorrent network? The TV series. You know what people are asking for when they go home in the evening, in the United States, they don't have the Tivo and they miss the episode of Lost you hate Desperate Housewives (there the second season started now, with us at the first half)? The TV series. obviously.

And what is it that the iTunes Music Store offers at 1.99 cents a dollar, even with the first season at $ 34.99? The TV series, of course. In the coming weeks we will verify the quality of these downloads, we will verify the possibility of viewing other films from different sources. However, the news differs from what is circulating in the newspapers (and perhaps not wrongly, given that in Italy there is no provision for this type of download, for now), but Apple tries with the TV series, not with movies . And they are like cherries: one leads to another …

The series available for those with a current account in the United States are Desperate Housewives season two (those gradually transmitted the next day in the US), Lost (idem) and three others, namely Night Stalker, The Life Suite is That?s So Raven.