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Logitech Spotlight Review, the super elegant remote control

Recensione Logitech Spotlight, il telecomando superelegante

The first thing that strikes you about Logitech Spotlight, subject of this review. certainly the design: compared to many remote controls on the market today, the much more elegant shape, the satin metal surface and the same color of the MacBook makes it decidedly attractive.

And you can see: users who notice it over the counter before a presentation (in our case we tested it on the field at a convention in Sicily) look at it curiously: some pick it up, scrutinize it, others ask for light, some are surprised that it is only a remote control, as if the value of the shape and materials were destined for something else.

But if the dress promises well, what is underneath keeps it, with some welcome surprises.

Logitech Spotlight, clapperboard turns around

Aesthetically, let's say, Logitech Spotlight looks like a beveled parallelepiped available in the colors Gold, Dark Gray and Light Gray, with a satin metallic surface and the ends in white plastic: in the back a plastic part stands out the Logi logo.

Inside the box there is only the remote control and a USB-A / USB-C cable for charging, but if you have a new MacBook Pro or MacBook, you can use a common USB-C / USB-C cable.

The first connection is made by connecting the USB stick on the base with the Mac, which downloads the software and proposes the installer.

Basically it is an App that allows a quick check of some parameters and that is listening allowing, in addition to the correct functioning, also the start-up.

Yes, because to save battery, the remote control turns off after a period of inactivity: the notes say that a full charge lasts up to three months, and we can only take this statement for good based on the trust considering that in the three weeks in to which we used it we never needed to download it and it always worked very well (and the Mac App always reported full charge).

When turned on, the remote control vibrates, to indicate correct operation, and switches on a small LED on the front for one second: the three buttons allow you to move forward one slide (main button), to go back one (bottom) and to highlight a point (up).

The USB stick, which acts as a wireless antenna

In automatic, then, the remote control vibrates as the end of the presentation approaches and when the batteries are almost discharged (these warnings are defined in the App and can be deactivated).

Smooth operation in PowerPoint, Keynote, Photos and Lightroom: in reality it also works on QuickTime, but only to stop playback and move a frame (but it doesn't seem to be able to shoot the movie). Nothing to do at the moment on VLC.

Double soul

One of the most beautiful aspects of the remote control is undoubtedly the possibility of operating both via the USB-A stick that acts as a wireless antenna, and in Bluetooth mode. In both cases the pairing is done from the App, which shows all the instructions, and can be changed at any time.

The fact of not having an infrared connection allows a wide freedom, allowing the speaker to position himself not in axis with the Mac that controls the presentation and without even occupying a USB port (in the case of the Bluetooth connection).

The remote control, together with its charging cable. At the base of the remote control you can see the USB-A key, with a plastic hook

Fire walks with me

One of the aspects that most impressed us, for, beyond the classic operation, the part relating to the pointer. Where many remote controls show a red laser that simply points on the screen or on the projected cloth, which from an important distance practically impossible to identify, here Logitech Spotlight offers a particularly intriguing focus effect.

Logitech SpotlightAn example of the pointer, which in the case of the Spotlight becomes a very suggestive focus

In practice it obscures the whole monitor except the part where we point, which remains visible within a circle: the very nice effect and goes hand in hand with the aesthetic refinement of the product.

Also interesting are the possibilities of configuring the effect, with or without pointer, with or without magnification or with the possibility of moving the pointer but without highlighting. Too bad that all these changes can only be made on the App and therefore not in progress.

Obviously once the focus is activated, the pointer follows the movements of the remote control, as long as the button at the top is kept pressed. This function can be activated practically anywhere, including the Finder, and also lends itself well beyond a slide presentation, such as for training.

The magic wand

Configure and learn to use the new Logitech thing from a few minutes for an advanced user, twenty for all the configuration and tests, a few more if you are a little "quarrelsome" with technology, but once learned you will not worry about it anymore .

The flawless operation with MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac mini, both in USB and in Bluetooth: the focus very nice to see during a presentation snatches a few smiles and several questions at the end (and do not be offended if they are sometimes more interested to the remote control that to what you have presented, it can happen).

The charging cable, USB-A to USB-C

The elegant shape is very comfortable in the hand and the battery is more than enough for anything you need to do, even a lot more to tell the truth.

Something to improve maybe c, such as the operation with QuickTime or the presence of an internal storage that can contain the presentations (even a few GB) but it is these quirks, not real necessities, that perhaps if we hadn't written you would never have thought of it.


  • Elegant design
  • Double connection system
  • Advanced pointer


  • Small storage is missing
  • Partial operation with QuickTime

Price: 134.99 Euros

Logitech Spotlight available in the best stores or directly from the Logi website for 134.99 Euros, but you can find it very discounted today on