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Logitech launches the smart keyboard for iPad Pro

Logitech launches the smart keyboard for iPad Pro

Thanks to the Smart Connector it connects without bluetooth and does not need to recharge

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The spread of tablets as a computer replacement is pushing manufacturers to create increasingly advanced covers, capable of filling that gap that still divides tablets and laptops. The latest idea comes from Logitech with the Logi CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case, a water repellent fabric case with integrated keyboard.

Dedicated to the iPad Pro, designed to work exclusively with the new Smart Connector from Apple, the port that allows smooth and bidirectional communication between the tablet and the keyboard.

Thanks to the new connector the keyboard yes turns on automatically and it connects the iPad Pro alone, bypassing the annoying configuration operations of the Blutooth. Obviously it does not need to be recharged: the energy comes directly from the tablet.

As the name says, his 19 mm full-size keys are backlit to type accurately even in the dark or in low light, i shortcuts allow you to activate your favorite apps, start a search or adjust the volume while the case supports two viewing angles to work or relax. Available in black, red or blue, the Logi CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case costs 154.99 euros.


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