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Logitech Circle 2 is now compatible with Apple's HomeKit‌ Secure Video

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The Logitech Circle 2 camera finally gains support for Apple's HomeKit Secure Video. This means that I will finally use iPad, Apple TV and HomePod to analyze videos locally, before sending them to the cloud. In this way the video feeds will be end-to-end encrypted and uploaded to iCloud, where only the user can view them.

In this article we have explained exactly how the new platform works: Apple's HomeKit Video Secure since videos are analyzed at home, and only after having encrypted them, sent to the Cloud. It will be iPad, Apple TV or HomePods present in the home walls to act as analysis and control Hub.

Logitech Circle 2

HomeKit Secure Video will send notifications to the device when an abnormal activity is detected, allowing the user to review the recordings. The storage of videos in the cloud for 10 days is free, although in order to access this function you will need a 200 GB or 2TB iCloud subscription.

For correct operation, HomeKit Video Secure for the Logitech Circle 2 camera requires a firmware update, currently being released in beta.

We talked about Logitech Circle 2 in our review, being satisfied, not only with the hardware, but also with the software. On the one hand, the peripheral has a truly captivating design, but combines software different from all the others, with a sort of timeline and diary, which shows users every single event filmed by the camera.

The Logitech Circle 2 wired camera, that is the model that supports HomeKit Video Secure, costs about 170 euros at the moment and can be purchased on Amazon directly at this address.