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Live chat, Public makes you read other people's conversations

Live chat, Public makes you read other people's conversations

Group conversations are broadcast and those who follow them can interact, or just watch: here is the idea behind the "Public" app


While someone fought over the encryption of chats and to create self-destructing messages, someone else thought to do the exact opposite: put theconversations. From this point Avner Ronen left to create Public, as he explains himself, strictly via public chat.

"Today we conduct most of our chat conversations and thought that opening those conversations to the public was the logical next step"Explained the CEO.

So here how does it work the app: anyone can create a group chat, while those who access it can do so in double mode. It can choose to enroll, or simply be viewer of ongoing conversations.

The ambition to make messages the future of broadcast: after audio and video, Ronen thinks that the next half-transmission of human conversations is themessaging same.

As imaginable, chats already present on Public have as their theme mainly TV series(you see pretty Little Liars) and various shows, but there are also conversations aboutastrology and that of assistance to the app.

Public it could be an excellent idea to exploit for newspapers or companies that want to return transparent some moments of internal discussion and decision-making meetings.


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