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Little secrets of the new Titanium

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Little secrets of the new Titanium – logomacitynet1200wide 1

There are also some hidden little news that have not yet been made public in the new Titanium released at the end of last April. Apple Green's manager of PowerBook products publicly in an interview with Maccentral. Green mentions, for example, a substantial improvement in wireless connectivity. In this regard, no specific details are provided but it is learned that in any case connecting with Airport using the new laptop is now easier and more reliable. Confirmations in this sense, says Maccentral, come from users who have already had available the machines of the latest series. Also interesting is the statement that the heating produced by the processor, despite the increase in clock speed, remained similar to that of the previous version. Indeed, according to Apple, in some respects even decreased. Also in this case Cupertino does not comment on what has been done to increase the heat dispersion capacity of the Titanium, but we can think of some structural modification or some intervention on the same processor. More generally, Apple talks about "various interventions" all aimed at keeping the heating low. Also interesting is the reconfirmation of a news leaked during the presentation of the Titanium: the battery continues to provide five hours of autonomy and DVD playback it arrives at two hours. Note that everything happens to us despite an increase in the clock speed to 800 MHz and in the presence of a new and more powerful graphics card.

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