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Linux better than Mac OS X (at Dreamworks)

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Recent statements reveal that Pixar, "Steve Jobs' other" company, is about to start introducing MacOs X into its production process, but what does rival DreamWorks use?

Their new Spirit animated drawing will be released in American theaters on May 27, and was largely made on the Linux platform. And Leonard, the Director of Animation Technology in Dreamworks, says that for Ink the "Ink and Paint" department ran completely on Linux, as well as half of the rendering, while for Simbad, the production in progress, all the workstations (over 350) and the entire renderfarm have migrated to Linux.

The process took place in two phases: the porting of numerous owners and the pressure on third parties to do the same with their programs. Now, in the DreamWorks production chain, the only link missing the appointment with Linux is Photoshop.

"We use it under VMware" (an emulator capable of running Windows under Linux) they say in DreamWorks; "We still use Windows and Mac for some pre-production work, but we don't see OS X as a central platform for our work."

DreamWorks works with HP and Linux RedHat hardware as a distribution.

(By Marco Centofanti)