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LinkOpener: the links of facebook, twitter and other services in the official apps. [CYDIA]


The links of facebook, twitter and other services in the official apps thanks to LinkOpener.

Apple has always distinguished itself for a quality of predefined applications and those present on the App Store certainly above average. This involves a great convenience especially in the most used daily applications which in this period are social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on. This convenience of course cannot be compared to the use of the web apps of the related services that can be consulted with Safari, which are slow and cumbersome. As we well know, for, unfortunately, some links received by email, via iMessage, Whatsapp, etc. are not opened in automatic in native applications but you are referred to the related web page on Safari, thus losing the possibility of using an iPhone-optimized software. Thanks to this new tweak, LinkOpener when you receive the link to a Facebook, Twitter, eBay or YouTube profile you can automatically open it in the relevant official application for iOS.

Once you have installedLinkOpeneron your iPhone, whenever you receive and then open a link that refers to a Facebook profile, a Twitter account, a search on eBay or a video on YouTube, the latter will not be opened within Mobile Safari (the browser by default of iOS), as we are used to, but the related native applications will start which have an optimized interface and greater simplicity during use.

LinkOpener also does not add new icons to the home screen of your device and does not even introduce a panel for adjusting preferences within the Settings application, therefore to be deactivated, the tweak must be removed.

If you are therefore interested, you can download LinkOpener for free from the BigBoss repository in Cydia. For installation, of course, a jailbroken iOS device without distinction by operating system is required.

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