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Limited interactions on Twitter, new rules against hate politics

limited politicians on twitter

Content that does not comply with company regulations and that will involve politicians' tweets will no longer be considered super partes

Twitter had already come out against the "arrogant political class" of tweeting last summer. A gray background window applied to the tweet indicated the possible infringement of the content and the new rule applied to verified politicians and to all accounts with over 100 thousand followers. Now the company has decided to intervene with a hard fist. Limited interactions on Twitter for those who want to "amplify the tweets" of political leaders who violate the rules of the platform.

The tweets of the world leaders who violatethenormal social network ruleson hate speeches, they have long been a difficult problem for the company. So much so that the company had been severely attacked by users who asked for their cancellation. But the company in response is opposed and it was in the interest of the public to learn the opinions of political figures on the chirping platform.

Limited interactions on Twitter, the tough decision

limited politicians on twitter

However, now the company has decided on a new approach. Limited tweet interactions on Twitterallow that there is always the possibility to discussabout the content of that tweet, but without that content being shared and widespread.

It will not be possible to reply, retweet or like, buthowever it will be possible to mention it. So users will still be able to share the tweet with a comment.

Users will see a warning stating "Twitter rules on abusive behavior apply to this tweet. However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public interest for the tweet to remain available".

Twitter new design: simpler and more functional

Twitter specifies in conclusion that the political personalities they are not considered Super partes. Even their accounts they must respect the rules like all other users, only Twitter, in some cases, wants to preserve the public interest that must never be denied. And these are the areas in which Twitter intervenes in a very limited way:

  • Promotion of terrorism.
  • Clear and direct threats of violence against an individual
  • Publish private information, such as a home address or a personal phone number.
  • Publish or share photos or intimate videos of third parties
  • Engaging in behaviors related to the sexual exploitation of children
  • Encourage or promote self-harm