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Likemiljian: the globetrotter super family, the interview

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Likemiljian: Travels, photos, experiences, tastes and artistic sensibilities have merged into a project with a name that is mysterious for many. In this interview for Miki and Julien we reveal many things

The adventure of the Likemiljian starts on September 5, 2017. Since then Miki and Julien, together with their children, have never stopped making us dream.

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Likemiljian, who I am

How was the project born?

Likemiljian: it was decided in a second, but we probably thought about it forever. it was enough a We leave everything and leave to go around the world and an S that did not wait even a few seconds. The 850 days to follow are now history. Since that day we have never stopped.

Many wonder what LIKE MILJIAN means …

Likemiljian: Many believe it is a surname, but actually the fusion of our two names: Miki and Julien. With a dusting of poetic license. Julien lived in England when he was a boy, everyone called him Julian. We created the name when we were still two students in our beloved Florence. We still carry it with us today, to the point that we have made it the middle name of all our children. Now it represents a spirit, a lifestyle.

Both in the videos and in the images you post you have an extremely personal style, I dare say unique.

Likemiljian:First of all, thank you. We are two artistic minds, not necessarily always with the same aesthetic, Like Miljian the merger. The fact that a unique style is recognized for us is already a great achievement. I think our own strength is the daily inspiration that we draw from everything we have around us, to cook it in our style. But our first, true, strong and inexhaustible source of inspiration are our children.

How difficult was it to change your habits and put years of life in big boxes?

Likemiljian:Very hard. But we realized it over time. The first month of travel could still be a holiday. when tiredness and the desire to go home start to appear, and that you realize that you no longer have one, that you put yourself in question. Today we have learned to integrate our main skills in our project in a fluid and spontaneous way: from the journey Miki is making a book out of it, Julien is a new start-up project in the tourism sector. And this brings us back to our initial professions: writing and entrepreneurship.

Likemiljian Instargram and social

What's your secret?

Likemiljian: We respect each other very much. Over the years we have built a relationship based on extreme trust and constant complicity, which then led to three children over the past five years. We are allies.

What advice would you like to give to young couples and families?

Likemiljian: We don't know if we have the clothes to do it, but if we are asked what advice we would give to young couples and families, never forget the spark of the first day and that you choose each morning. You have to believe it all the way, always.

What do you expect from the future of social media?

Likemiljian: We hope and hope that they will increasingly be able to use their communicative power to spread important and inspiring messages, rather than locking people behind a screen, eaten by frustration and misunderstanding. We hope that they evolve and become stronger and stronger, but also to make realize how precious and authentic human relationships are, real ones.

Likemiljian family and travel

What relationship do your children have with technology?

Likemiljian: Our children don't touch the phone and we don't have tablets. It was a shared choice that we care about very much. In addition, the phone is seen in the family as a tool, even for work, not for fun or relaxation, and for this reason it does not really attract their interest. We understand the parents who follow this path of attachment to digital, but personally it does not belong to us. Often children learn more from examples of behavior than from word teaching. For us a real pleasure to spend an afternoon in the library. It also became for our children. Of course.

Is there a place you are particularly attached to?

Likemiljian: Florence, because our theater. And Vietnam, because a country where we have experienced some of the strongest adventures, and which has made us parents and travelers at the same time.

How do you manage publications on social networks?

Likemiljian: With spontaneity and with an organized editorial plan. The sharing of our family and our adventures is an integral part of our daily lives, we have an excellent relationship with those who follow us, we feel part of a large family. At the basis of sharing, however, we are always and only us: what we like and what we want to tell. We are not guided by numbers but by life experiences.

Future projects?

Likemiljian: Lots. In addition to the projects mentioned above, our tour of the world continues. Next departure February 2020: destination Caribbean, Central and Latin America until June. It will be our first trip in five, with our little Milo, and we can't wait!