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Lights Off, the first native iPhone game

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Everyone knew that soon it would arrive, it was only a matter of time: Lights Off the first game to natively run on Cupertino's phone. Delicious Monster programmers took advantage of the efforts of the hacker community that has been working on the iPhone for months, and created the first locally usable game. No forced passage through Safari, the game will be installed on the iPhone as it happens on all other smartphones.

The installation process requires a certain amount of shrewdness: you start with the usual "jailbreak", load the program on the iPhone and install the SSH and then launch Lights Off. More information can be found on the official page, from which also can download the game.

For the record, the game is a puzzle game based on a light board: the aim is to turn off all the boxes by touch. Turning off / on a box with it will also turn off / on the four adjacent boxes. To advance the level you must turn off all the lights on the board.

Recall that the installation of applications on iPhone a practice not recognized by Apple; anyone who wants to get their hands on the iPhone does so at their own risk.

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