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Lights and shadows on Palm support

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Lights and shadows on Palm support – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Mario Rose writes: "I have a Palm Vx purchased in March 2001. I had a first problem, reported to technical assistance, on March 26, 2002 relating to the non-switching off of the same via the appropriate button (it lit regularly but turned off with the time indicated in the software). I gave up the free assistance because the PDA had to be shipped to England via Milan and I did not think it advisable to do without it presumably for a long time. The second and last problem I had last Friday after synchronizing the handheld with my Mac G4 updated with the Palm alsystem Mac Os x software. At the end of the synchronization the Handheld stopped showing the wording "Palm Computing Platform" on the display without it being able to turn itself off. I tried to do, as from instructions, the various resets but the situation was always the same. Today I called the technical assistance, see Call number 1-38066012, from which I had a somewhat strange answer. Without knowing the problem and the repair to be carried out, they announced that the repair cost amounted to 160Euro. Or I could join an exchange with another PDA as listed on the Palmiurope / upgradeform website. it led to roughly one hundred euro savings compared to the official Palm list prices but not to many resellers that sell below the Official price. Also, note that on the Palm Store there are special offers that are not mentioned in the list as there is no trace of the Palm M130, Of course I did not have a disposable PDA. At this point, should I be satisfied according to Palm? I believe that if this matter is not resolved in a decent way, send the PDA in question with a special package to the mother office gift."

Rose Mario Via Padula due Forni87047 San Pietro in Guarano (CS) "

Not all users have been so unlucky, here is a positively resolved case.

Davide Biancorosso writes: "Whoever writes a satisfied owner of a Palm V and I bring my personal experience regarding Palm assistance. I bought my Palm in 1999, two weeks after the purchase it accidentally falls out of my pocket. Fortunately the crystal remains intact but all the metal part is scratched and some problems with the keys appear.I immediately call Palm support to find out the amount of a possible repair and I find that in the first 15 days if the crystal is not damaged you are entitled, by going to your dealer to a new Palm; passed the 15 days to a "reconditioned". Having purchased it on the net I could not replace it in good time so I call the Palm again and I opted for the "reconditioned" which I find to be simply a repaired Palm. The simple procedure I have to send my Palm in England and within a few days of arrival will receive the replacement. The operator advises me for safety and speed to use a courier and so I do. From the shipment on the arrival day of my "reconditioned" Palm, just 5 days pass and the cost was only old 50,000 Lire. This is the first experience with the Palm support ended in the best way, but not all. Recently I purchased in iBook and a Palm USB kit. Unfortunately the kit never went well, before I thought why using it under OS X and with software in beta was a software problem then why not conduits existed for Entourage X but in the end I found out that it was broken. Once again I call for assistance and despite the purchase being in July 2001 I find that the piece is still under warranty and that it will shortly receive one as a replacement. I have the new USB kit in my hand with an apology. Of course contacting Palm assistance is not easy, often you spend a good quarter of an hour on the phone, but this is normal and happens a bit with all the assis Italian tenze.I, given what happened to me will remain as in the past faithful to Palm; already because before the 5th I had a glorious III. "

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