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Libretto, university career in your pocket with iPhone and touch

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Those struggling with university enrollments and returning to lessons, extricating themselves between exams and on-going tests, can have a significant and useful travel companion if they have an iPhone or iPod touch. Just buy them (cost 79 cents). Booklet.

Created by OutOfTheBit, a booklet, which Macity has already talked about in the past and which is now updated also on the basis of the advice of students who use it constantly, the only AppStore application that manages the university booklet, automating calculations and statistics. Libretto for iPhone and iPod Touch not only keeps track of exams, grades and credits, but generates very useful statistics in real time, such as the progress of the university career, the average and the weighted average with credits.

The news of the latest versions concern the total of credits, the creation of a graph that intuitively shows the progress of grades over time and advanced options to make the calculation of the basic degree mark more flexible. Other updates will constantly follow, with the other suggestions coming to (email protected), to increasingly design this 'student-friendly' utility.

'Every student has a constant in his university life: the booklet' explains Alessandro Motisi, developer and founder of OutOfTheBit '. From there passes his entire story, from freshman to graduating Who does not do the 'accounts' before each exam? It serves to know which minimum mark to accept in order not to ruin the average, to clear up the conscience even if the '30' does not arrive, and perhaps sometimes also to exorcise the fear. So why not do all this with the help of your iPhone or iPo Touch? Thus the idea of ​​Libretto was born. It is one of the features that we wanted to add the possibility, once a new material has been inserted, to communicate it to friends, with a simple click '.

The application also has some nice touches such as the ability to insert the student's photo, taking it from the photo gallery or taking it on the spot; space, of course, the matriculation number, name of the university and faculty attended and any type of detail for the exams taken: teacher, date, grade, credits and any honors.

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