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LG's smart appliances now respond to both Google Assistant and Alexa

LG's smart appliances now respond to both Google Assistant and Alexa

With the entry into the ever deeper market of virtual assistants, such as Google and Amazon, manufacturers seem to be turning their attention to voice control solutions, even for domestic equipment. From today, some smart appliances from LG will respond to both Google Assistant and Alexa.

This is the THINQ brand line of equipment, which LG will also use for its next flagship smartphone, LG G7 ThinQ, precisely. Obviously, depending on the appliance in use, it will vary the possibility of management via voice commands: you can ask to make ice in the fridge, rather than turning off the oven or operating the air conditioner.

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However, not the first time that a company decides to officially support more than one voice assistant, even if there are few brands that think when it comes to adopting similar solutions. LG is certainly one of the largest internationally which adds support for the two virtual assistants considered to be the best today.

The solution chosen by LG can only be appreciated by the consumer, who increasingly finds himself having to buy products belonging to a brand ad in order to take advantage of smart features: it is difficult to find open and functional systems with different platforms. In this case, the THINQ line provides the user with a choice, without having to be blocked within an ecosystem carried by a single virtual assistant.

With the arrival in Italy of Google Home recently, the scene of virtual assistants has finally opened in our country. At the moment Google has moved much ahead of the competition, considering that n Amazon Echo, n Apple HomePod are currently available for sale in Italy.