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Legrand and B-Ticino at CES 2019: Alexa voice-activated switches and 100X series smart intercom

Legrand e B-Ticino a CES 2019: interruttori a comando vocale Alexa e citofono smart serie 100X

Bticino had promised many novelties for the Italian market at this CES 2019 and, Waiting to see the complete review at the beginning of the actual exhibition, here is an anticipation collected between the products seen and glimpsed at CES Unveiled.

There are at least two new products from Legrand BTicino today: the inclusion in the Smart Living BTcino series (and Celiane for the French smart series of Legrand) of an element for voice command and response compatible with the Alexa system.

Alexa Built In and Living Now

Bticino's SmartLiving systems are already able to interact through smart speakers and mobile phones with the voice commands of Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa but at CES 2019 Legrand has taken a step further now the Alexa Buiit In speaker microphone that can be included in a normal box 503 and maintains an aesthetic in line with that of the rest of the series Living Now.

The user therefore has the possibility not only to control the home automation system but to ask questions and get answers and also to activate music playback, listen to podcasts and search for information on the Internet and finally take advantage of the thousands of skills available.

The command was developed by BTicino in Italy, in the Erba plant and in fact the first in the world with integrated voice assistant. Once installed it becomes an integral part of the electrical infrastructure of the house and, thanks to its extreme sensitivity, it is able to receive sounds even at a great distance and activate all the related functions, including lights, shutters and energy.

With the CES Innovation Award 2019 assigned to this new intelligent command of the Living Now line, Italian excellence in technology and design is rewarded Franco Villani, CEO of BTicino said -. We are convinced that, to make a difference in a competitive sector like ours, it is necessary to focus on innovation and enrich the value of the electrical system, offering the user added value in terms of functionality, information and interaction. With this new solution, Living Now confirms that it represents for the world of electrical infrastructures the same revolution that the smartphone has represented for telecommunications.

Legrand and B-Ticino at CES 2019: Alexa voice-activated switches and 100X series smart intercom

The new BT100X smart video door phone

BTcino also introduces the BT100x series for connected interphones which joins the 300x model with a compact version and with a lower overall cost.

Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection and the Door Entry application already active with the 300x, the new video intercom will allow you to replace classic two-wire systems with devices more suited to a smart home.

Legrand and B-Ticino at CES 2019: Alexa voice-activated switches and 100X series smart intercom

The indoor unit should cost 490 Euros (VAT and installation excluded) while a complete kit for a single family with indoor unit, bell at the entrance and supplementary power supply from the panel should cost 900 Euros (VAT and installation excluded). The configuration for condominiums will obviously also be available.

The system will be on sale from June 2019 and will also integrate with the Doorbell with Netatmo Camera in the near future.

But surprises are certainly not all here. We will tell you about other interesting developments in BTicino projects for Home Automation and Smart Home after visiting the Legrand stand on the evening of 8 January from CES 2019.