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LEGO Super Mario in pre-order, two expansion packs announced

LEGO Super Mario in preordine, annunciati due pack di espansione

In March the first collaboration between LEGO and Nintendo was announced to bring the video game hero to the real world: now not only can LEGO Super Mario be purchased on Amazon in pre-order, with shipments starting from August, but the arrival of the first two packs is also announced expansion.

To start playing LEGO Mario we start with the Starter Pack which contains the interactive figure of Mario equipped with LCD screens in the eyes in the mouth and in the chest to show a variety of reactions based on movement, colors and actions. The integrated speaker reproduces Mario's historical phrases and words, in addition to the iconic sound effects and music of the famous video games.

The set includes a total of 231 pieces, including 7 interactive bricks. In this way, children from six years of age can give free rein to their imagination by building ever-changing levels. To support the new LEGO Group gaming experience, the free LEGO Super Mario app for iPhone and Android will be available.

lego super mario pre-order

In addition to keeping track of scores, the app encourages you to build and rebuild ever new levels, offering digital instructions, including zoom and rotation to facilitate creation and suggest new ways of building. A secure forum for sharing ideas and projects with friends is also on the way.

Once purchased the starter pack it will be possible to expand and enrich it with two Expansion Packs: the first two just announced are Piranha Plant Slide and Final Battle at Bowser Castle. LEGO and Nintendo have not yet announced prices and availability of the two expansion kits.

LEGO Super Mario in pre-order, two expansion packs announced

To purchase the LEGO Super Mario Starter Pack in pre-order, start from this Amazon page at a price of 59.99 euros: shipments will begin in August.

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