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LCD, stagnant market in Europe

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the LCD monitor market in Europe in a stagnant phase.

According to the specialized investigation company Meko, for the first time in the history of surveys, flat-panel displays have shown a sequential regression, quarter on quarter.

In fact, in the second quarter of the year, there were 1.9 million desktop LCDs sold in our continent with a drop of 15.9% compared to the previous quarter. Until now never in the history of LCD displays has there been a drop in quarter-on-quarter sales.

According to Meko, the responsibility for the negative figure in the growth of costs that is part of a weak market added to the process of transition of users towards more generous sizes, to be precise from 15 inches to 17 inches.

Not surprisingly, in the face of an 18% drop in 15-inch displays, there was an increase in sales of 17-inch monitors, which also continue to fall in price.

The monitors that have performed worse on the market are 18 inches, crushed by the falling price of 17 inches and by the arrival of 19 monitors that are more competitive in price.

The drop in sales, in any case, appears to be a cyclical factor rather than the establishment of a new trend. Despite decreasing compared to the previous month, sales of LCD monitors have increased by more than 130% year on year.

The main sellers in Europe are: HP, Samsung, Dell, Philips and Fujitsu Siemens.