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LCD monitor, prices down

LCD monitor, prices down logomacitynet1200wide 1

Excess production compared to demand, slowed by prices, and new production plants are eroding the costs of LCD monitors. According to ZDNet, which cites some companies specializing in the analysis of the flat-panel market, according to which by the end of the year it will already be possible to appreciate a significant drop in price lists. – the request began to rise, but the prices were too high. Thus stocks have accumulated above forecasts. During this year, then the end of the economic crisis in Asia, has allowed the planning of new plants for the production of this particular type of screen ". At this time, seven different factories that will produce LCD screens are in various stages of construction. This will soon determine strong competition on this type of product that will increasingly become a consumer product. The benefits will already be visible by the end of the year. Right now the players on the market are trying to liquidate the stocks and free the warehouses for the new models so that on the US market an average screen of 15 'has already dropped from $ 1000 to $ 740. But the decline will not stop and will continue progressively also next year. For experts, it is not legitimate to expect an alignment of the price lists with CRT monitors in a short time. The next turning point, the $ 500 for a 15 'monitor, will not be reached before 2005, the same experts claim. It should be noted that, according to ZDNet, laptop prices will not fall despite the drop in an essential and very expensive component. Manufacturers could use lower monitor costs to increase notebook performance and equipment without dropping prices.

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