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LAVA and Palm: a perfect match!

LAVA and Palm: a perfect match! logomacitynet1200wide 1

Mario Bucolo, deus ex Machina of MuseumLand writes from Catania, "What's more strange than the LAVA and PALM association? I directly experienced the usefulness of the Palm IIIc as a pocket light bulb, last night I was on Etna, which as you know stuck black and does not seem to recover from a bad indigestion ;-). I was near the eruptive mouths and then on the lava front. Or rather in front (a few meters) of the front! Unfortunately, the lamp that we had brought, in compliance with Murphy's law, jammed and did not want to know how to light it again. And then? How to travel at least one km, stones stones? Purposely avoiding the very attractive ones … but colored red and a little (a lot) warm.

Simple, just have a IIIc and go, one of the most expensive flashlights on the market. For functional, you could see the path well enough and nobody stumbled. The lava experience, however, was unique, including a half heart attack due to the sudden (but expected) restarting of an apparently cold branch (at least on the surface, and in fact we collected some souvenirs in stones) that had not been noticed (just because in the dark and not as bright as the active ones) and that we had practically under our feet. I close with the comment of the people we met (in village festival quantities): "look at that neon lamp, very thin that they have" ;-))

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