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Launch iPad, Macity live from New York here are the appointments

Tomorrow iPad arrives in the United States and for Apple fans of that country it will certainly be an exciting day. Those who live in Italy, where the tablet should arrive later this month, have the opportunity to participate, at least partially, in the big event thanks to our site that has launched one of its now usual initiatives for the live and live journalistic coverage of an event .

As we have had the opportunity to mention in recent days and as has already happened for the most important IT and digital trade fairs, Macitynet will, in fact, be present with its correspondents in one of the key points of the iPad debut: the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York. We will be there in front (and then inside) of the most important Apple store in the world, to see closely what is happening, to feel the pulse of the Apple people and to get our hands from the first day on the iPad. The aim is not only to provide direct and non-mediated information on what will happen on the day of the launch of a product that for resonance and involvement promises to be second only to the presentation of the iPhone, but also to offer our readers exclusive images, videos and impressions of the device itself.

The program we have set ourselves, subject to the variables of an event that has different elements of imponderability (from the various time zones of difference to the thousands of kilometers that separate us from the place where everything takes place, passing from the time in which we can actually put the hands on iPad to finish with Saturday traffic in the city of New York), to leave tomorrow morning when we hope to put some nocturnal images of the city waiting for iPad online and then continue in the afternoon, first with other images and videos taken in front to the large crystal cube of Fifth Avenue, then with those of the real iPad whose construction details and interface we will try to show.

One of the highlights will be a direct text that we are organizing for tomorrow's evening. It will be a passage that we could define interactive during which our readers will be able to intervene and propose questions and curiosities on iPad, questions to which our correspondents in New York will be able to try to answer by handling the device. The time when we will start this initiative, approximately, 9.30 pm and the service page the traditional one of the direct. Any time changes will be promptly communicated from the Macitynet home page.

Finally, we will also follow other services, tests and impressions of use on Easter and Monday to then turn the extraordinary into ordinary as iPad will become a full part of those products that our site will follow daily with news on hardware, software, advances.

If, therefore, you are interested in iPad because you want to buy it or even you are simply curious about it and want to understand if and how it can become part of your daily life, the advice to stay connected and visit Macitynet frequently for this exclusive initiative.