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Las Vegas, all CES lands on Macitynet

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The beginning of January for Macitynet journalists, accustomed to following the Macworld of San Francisco, which has always been synonymous with luggage in hand and is no exception even for 2010. The only difference from the past is the destination: our flights will have as destination not the city of the Bay, but Las Vegas. Lost the Apple presence, with the Mac fair moved to February and looking for a new identity (and perhaps a future), our team has in fact decided to put under observation with its traditional services and galleries the CES Consumer Electronic Show which After tomorrow's preview with keynotes and press conferences, it will open on Thursday in the rooms of the Convention Center in the city of Nevada.

The largest consumer electronics fair in the world (over 2700 stands), only at first glance it does not have a particular focus on the world that revolves around Cupertino. On the contrary, it presents itself as a review of great interest for the Apple world, both for the process of convergence between devices and platforms, of which Jobs' company is an absolute protagonist, and for the change made by Apple to its business, today more than ever addressed to the focal sector of the CES which looks at video, audio, personal devices. The most tangible result in the "pavilion in the pavilion" entirely dedicated to the realities that operate specifically for the iPod and iPhone world. The iLounge website organizes it, which promises 100 stands in a space of about 3000 square meters, a minimum surface compared to the size of the Macworld, but which combined with what will be possible to see elsewhere in the vast area of ​​the Las Vegas convention center leads us to be optimistic about the present but also about the future of CES as a review to be permanently put in our personal carnet of events to keep an eye on.

In the city of Nevada, in fact, the appearance on the stands of unsuspected companies of products for iPhone, Mac and iPod if not even designed specifically for the Apple world is expected: amplifiers, accessories, cases, peripherals and even applications with the compatibility mark. Our mailbox literally invaded by dozens of emails from companies announcing something that will surely be of interest to our readers.

The Macitynet group of journalists in Las Vegas will not only deal with the Mac world and everything that revolves around Apple, but will open the lens of its cameras and notebooks to present everything that happens in the spaces occupied by companies that more or less indirectly touch Cupertino's users. Stands such as that of Intel, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, HP, Panasonic, Logitech, Sony, Acer, Asus, cannot be forgotten if you want to read against the light the trend in which the flow of technology that also carries Apple flows.

The invitation, therefore, to stay tuned despite what we are going to do our traditional January reportages on will be an unnamed fair "Mac" or "Apple" in the title. An opening in this sense will not only provide an interpretation key for the set of events that we are preparing (the Expo that we have planned for 2010 are very many), but also indispensable for understanding where the Apple world is going , a direction that Macity, as those who read us constantly has already guessed, has long been keeping an eye on his excursions from one part of the globe to the other.

All the services, galleries and news on this page where we have already started putting the first news coming from Las Vegas.