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LarkBox: the mini PC 4K smaller than an apple

LarkBox: the mini PC 4K smaller than an apple

What is the 4K mini PC smallest in the world? This interesting record belongs to a micro computer model produced by CHUWI, or the LarkBox.

It is a particular device, the dimensions of which are smaller than that of an apple. With its 6.1 x 6.1 x 4.3 cm and a total weight of 127 grams, this PC is the maximum portability on the current market.

In spite of this, LarkBox does not present dimensions as the only strong point. Thanks to a processor Intel N4100, 6 GB of RAM is 128 GB of SSD storage space, this device proves to be up to the situation on several occasions. With the hardware power it can use, it is possible to use this PC for work, for entertainment and of course to connect to 4K televisions.

In fact, it allows you to watch movies, TV series and other audio / video content using 4K technology. The connection to a monitor or TV is extremely easy and takes place through theVESA interface.

Mini PC LarkBox

Work and entertainment: with the 4K LarkBox mini PC you have ample freedom of action

Taking a closer look at the hardware side of this small but powerful computer, we can still mention the UHD Graphics 600 graphics card integrated and beyond. The ability to add, thanks to an extra slot, another 128 GB of memory via MicroSD, further expands the horizons of an already extremely interesting mini PC.

The processor, in standby phase, requires only 5 W and, more overall, it is decidedly performing and not at all expensive in terms of energy. In spite of a design based on compactness, there are some goodies. Among all the active design of the cooling fan which allows, even in case of intense work, to avoid overheating and similar problems.

To complete it all there are 2 USB-A ports, Type-C, HDMI, 3.5mm Audio Jack, Bluetooth 5.0 is Wifi. A computer that, despite its size, certainly does not miss anything!

For more information about this interesting device, we recommend visiting the manufacturer's website directly.

In conclusion

The LarkBox 4K mini PC presents itself as an ideal device to use the TV in order to view high quality audio / video content. Despite this, the CHUWI signed product certainly manages to go further, proposing what can be defined as a computer capable of also being used for work and to perform the most common tasks.

The technical specifications allow to install any type of operating system and, via USB ports, to also connect peripherals such as mouse and keyboard.