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“Large” zip like CD: 750 MB!

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"Large" zip like CD: 750 MB! – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Iomega announces the external drive for Zip-type memories but, this time, from 750 MB. Compatibility with previous 250 and 100 models (still on the market, starting from 1995) ensured for reading / writing and reading, respectively. technical advantage more evident the transfer speed of 7,5 MB / sec (USB 2), comparable to a CD-RW 50x50x50x! The model available immediately a USB 2 from 180 dollars but for the Parisian AppleExpo in September the FireWire version will arrive ($ 55 form shown on the side) $ 200, for the ATAPI version the price will be $ 150 with availability available for the fall. The 750 MB Zip disks cost $ 12 and a half for an 8-piece package (the Zip 250s and Zip 100s cost 10.7 per 8 pieces and $ 9 per 10 pieces, respectively). 48 million Zip drives and 300 million Zip disks have so far been sold worldwide. Iomega software (Iomega Automatic Backup, ex QuickSync) fully compatible with Mac OS X (as well as with Mac OS Classic and Win).

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