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Kuri, the Bosch home robot designed by Pixar for $ 699

Kuri robot Home Bosch Pixar

Kuri arrives, a domestic robot already a reality. Produced by Mayfield Robotics, a company owned by Bosh and designed by Pixar

The domestic robot is already a reality. The new home assistants move and have speakers and microphones thanks to which they can give orders to control their smart home, but Kuri – of Mayfield Robotics – could become the first real home robot, combining mobility with real interaction thanks to a special design .

Kuri is Mayfield Robotics' home robot, Bosch's

Mayfield Robotics is a startup that belongs to the Bosch group, with a team and a leadership that have a long-standing experience in robotics, but also in the interaction between design and machine learning. Their first Kuri product, an intelligent robot that officially debuts at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, with a presale opening in the US and a distribution that is expected to start around mid-2017.

Kuri controls himself with his voice

Kuri can respond to voice input, a bit like Google Home and Amazon Echo systems do. Equipped with four microphones, Kuri has an excellent ability to receive natural language and, although it does not respond to words, it still knows how to express itself through light pulses and sounds. The robot has an integrated HD camera and a series of sensors that prevent it from falling down the stairs or to go against the furniture. It moves on three wheels that facilitate rotation in any direction and moves from one room to another or following our movements or heading based on the indications that have been provided. A processor helps it in the tasks of voice recognition and image recognition and It is possible to program it thanks to tools like IFTTT (Service now known simply as IF, but which owes its name to the expression IF This Than Taht) to expand its capabilities.

Kuri Robot 60 cm for 6kg

The robot is around 60 centimeters high and weighs about 6kg, available for both iOS and Android, and when it is about to download, it goes back to its recharging station by itself. Kuri was designed to keep company and act as an assistant. The movements were studied by the Pixar animators, so that it was not only practical to use, but also suitable for regular interaction.

Pixar's design

Every inclination of the head, every movement of the eyes, as well as its shape, have been designed with the intention of not constructing a device that could be calming and relaxing and in this regard all movements that could be abrupt or that made them nervous were deliberately eliminated. – so that he could arouse empathy with the user. Evident that Pixar's DNA has an impact on the finished product, Kuri remembers Wall-E, and looks affectionate and friendly.

An affective robot, for $ 699

At least initially no third parties will be integrated, some features will be programmable via IFTTT, such as checking the house in our absence thanks to the HD camera, reading a book to children or broadcasting podcasts. The Mayfield Robotics team has focused on creating a object of value, even emotional, and on the basis of this strategy it is assumed that the robot can have a remarkable grip on the market.


Kuri has long been talking about the advent of robots in our homes as assistants, companions or helpers. It is a comforting presence, harmoniously integrated with the domestic environment. Mayfield Robotics asks customers interested in presale a deposit of 100 dollars, with a final balance of $ 699. The release is not expected before one year.

Kuri robot Home Bosch Pixar