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Koogek LED strip compatible with Homekit, Alexa, Google Assistant and USB

If you want to decorate your home, illuminate the under-cabinet, create a luminous effect on the porch or simply have fun with LED lighting, the Koogeek LED strip among the most flexible and inexpensive on the market thanks to USB power supply.

You can use the power supply of a smartphone or, for maximum flexibility, a rechargeable power bank so you can position and move it anywhere in the house.

Koogek LED strip compatible with Homekit, Alexa, Googe Assistant and USB

We try it on this Macitynet page.

The 2-meter-long multi-colored LED strip produces a luminous flux of 500 lumens: the lamp has the possibility of changing the light intensity and color and consists of 60 surface-mounted 5050 LEDs with a duration of 25,000 hours.

There Koogeek Smart Light Strip LED strip flexible and thanks to the adhesive strip supplied it can adapt to the corners and define any architectural surface with colors and light: just attach it to a dry and dust-free surface and if the excessive length can be divided in correspondence with the cutting indicators.

Although the lighting capacity in lumens does not allow it to be transformed into a main light for the rooms (unless you use it in a small closet) the strip has a very efficient coloring capacity over the entire color range, a sign of the goodness of the LEDs used and even very strong colors have an excellent yield.

The ability to control it immediately, thanks to Wi-Fi with Google mini, Echo in the basic models and of course with all Homekit devices, including Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch make it even more "universal".

The Koogeek LED stripyou buy on Amazon at about 35 Euros in single pack or at 32 Euro in triple pack. The well-made white USB extensions like those of Startech cost from 5.30 Euros to 6.50 Euros depending on the length (1,2,3 meters), finally the aluminum guides for LED strips cost around 10-19 Euros depending on the profile.

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