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Koogeek Smart Light Strip Led Strip Review compatible with Homekit, Google Assistant and Alexa


Among the many products that have become available with the development of home automation for sure the LED stripslike the Koogeek Led Strip they are among the most interesting also because they allow the level of composition of the furniture and the lighting quality to totally change the appearance of the places where we live, increasing comfort and allowing us to customize them in a totally innovative way.

The possibility of controlling a multiple LED strips through buttons that are not part of our lighting system or even through the voice or, even more, through more or less composite scenes offer extraordinary customization capabilities.

Koogeek Smart Light Strip Led Strip Review compatible with Homekit, Google Assistant and Alexa


There Koogeek Smart Light Strip LED stripof this review to a particular feature: USB powered and this allows us to use it both in fixed and mobile positions through a power supply and a charger and above all it allows us to avoid particular power supplies and to position it in standard projections.

The USB plug allows us to use male or female USB type extension cables that increase versatility and above all do not require the use of a dedicated extension connector.

Our readers have known the Koogeek brand for a long time because we were among the first to try out the Homekit devices of the Chinese company and know the reliability level of the products are compatible with the Apple system.

The novelty that also concerns these strips and also some of the products previously marketed the ability to control it not only with HomeKit and Siri's voice commands but also through Google Assistantand from the end of 2018 tooAmazon Alexa.

This makes the Koogeek LED strip ultra-versatile and controllable through different operating systems both through smartphones, smart speakers and even across Macos X 10.14 Mojavesui mac that will be able to mount it and use Siri for home automation control.

The 2-meter-long multi-colored LED strip produces a luminous flux of 500 lumens: the lamp has the possibility of changing the light intensity and color and is made up of 60 surface-mounted 5050 LEDs with a duration of 25,000 hours.

There Koogeek Smart Light Strip LED strip flexible and thanks to the adhesive strip supplied it can adapt to the corners and define any architectural surface with colors and light: just attach it to a dry and dust-free surface and if the excessive length can be divided in correspondence with the cutting indicators.

Koogeek Smart Light Strip Led Strip Review compatible with Homekit, Google Assistant and Alexa

Obviously it is possible to create scenes for both the single strip and combining multiple strips (perhaps connected to a USB multi-socket power supply) to obtain more suggestive effects and perhaps a greater overall luminous flux.

We remind you that a luminous flux of 500 Lumen corresponds to a 40-45 watt incandescent bulb and therefore this factor must be taken into consideration for the choice of positioning and lighting request for the strip in question.

The ease of installation, as you can see from our extreme screen gallery and as well as the possibility of controlling the strip: connectable to a USB socket and therefore we could position it where we want: it is important that you have a classic power supply of at least 5V / 1A in the proximity and, if the positioning distance is not sufficient, a USB extension cable.

Packaging and installation with Homekit, Google Assistant and Alexa

As with all the other Koogeek products, it is a cardboard convention where white dominates a bit like the products that must be approved for sale on the Apple Store. Inside we find the rolled strip and the terminal that on one side has the USB connector and on the other a 4-pole multipolar that will be connected to the strip: in the middle a white parallelepiped with the on and off button. On the back there is the classic inclusion code in the Homekit system. In the package a manual with all the instructions for inclusion both in a Homekit system that Alexa or Google Assistant.

For those who are familiar with Homekit, the inclusion of the Koogeek LED Strip is very simple: just go to the Home application and from here add the accessory with the code XXX-XX-XXX on board, making sure that you are connected to the same 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network at to which the strip can be connected.

At this point you can assign it to a room and add a whole series of automations (automatic switch-off times, choice of color depending on an internal or external event, ignition activated by a sensor, etc.).

Koogeek Smart Light Strip Led Strip Review compatible with Homekit, Google Assistant and AlexaUSB plug and strip terminal adapter

The same inclusion in Homekit can be done by the application Koogeek Home which brings some additional functions: for some accessories such as controlled sockets it can calculate the actual consumption of the connected devices (only under iOS at the moment) but much more, once you have registered, it can pass the control coordinates of your strip to Google and Amazon services and, thanks to Google Assistant or Alexa, you can send all the control commands simultaneously with Homekit or even without it if you don't have iOS devices at home. Below all the screens that guide you through the installation

Homekit / Home for iOS

Google / Google Home Assistant for iOS and Android

Amazon Alexa with voice commands for Echo Amazon for iOS and Android

The performance

For our tests we wanted to check the operation of Koogeek Smart Light Strip LED stripboth as a decorative light that would give a particular accent to a room and as a service light: the classic undercabinet that illuminates the dishwashing area or that, during a dinner, also served as a bright decor.

Although the lighting capacity in lumens does not allow it to be transformed into a main light for the rooms (unless you use it in a small closet) the strip has a very efficient coloring capacity over the entire color range, a sign of the goodness of the LEDs used and even very strong colors have an excellent yield.

The lighting capabilities are clear from the examples in our photo gallery.

We used the strip for a few weeks, connecting it and disconnecting it from a normal iPhone power supply and in some cases also taking it outdoors thanks to the mounting on a very light aluminum guide that allowed us to position it as an under-cabinet in the kitchen or as an under-shelf.

If you have a box nearby, you may think to equip it with a direct or internal USB socket and simply connect the strip or you will have to use an extension cable.

The Koogeek led strip once connected to the power supply again available for the WiFi connection after just under two minutes and the connection seemed very stable as well as the response to Siri's commands or to the global shutdown of our system that a mixture of Bluetooth devices , Wi-Fi and Zigbee thanks to intermediate Hubs such as that of Philips Hue. It must be said that in some cases the most immediate response from the Hue LED strip which must necessarily make one more step.

Remember that if you want to control the strip even away from home you must have a fourth generation Apple TV in your home or an iPad enabled or a HomePod that bridges iCloud, your home installation and your mobile device or, soon, your Mac.

We remind you that the aluminum sled that can be purchased at many DIY stores or on Amazon at a price of around 10-11 euros and USB extensions have a price that starts at around 5.30 Euros and obviously go up according to the length to arrive about 10 meters.


Basically an efficient and colorful or colorable product with a prompt response to Siri's voice commands and easily included in a Homekit system but also in those of other non-Apple voice controllers. The very short cable almost always forces you to buy an extension especially if you are away from an outlet and its power supply.The standard length allows positioning in all types of aluminum slides and the IP 65 protection rating allows you to use it without problems even in the kitchen.


Easy installation, multi-platform versatility for voice control, perfect Homekit management. Very vivid colors. Good lighting capacity compared to the plate data. No Hub needed in case of installation without home automation system, just the wi-fi router.


It requires a power supply not included and, very often, an extension that must be added to the final price.


The Koogeek LED stripyou can buy on Amazon for around 37 Euros in single pack or at 32 Euro in triple pack. The well-made white USB extensions like those of Startech cost from 5.30 Euros to 6.50 Euros depending on the length (1,2,3 meters), finally the aluminum guides for LED strips cost around 10-19 Euros depending on the profile.