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Koogeek padlock compatible HomeKit, unlocks with the fingerprint and with Siri

Lucchetto Koogeek compatibile HomeKit, si sblocca con l’impronta digitale

Koogeek takes the lock to a higher level by eliminating the key and combination with a more secure sensor for scanning fingerprints.

In fact, the owner's fingertip, suitably resting on the scanner, will allow the padlock to be opened and thus remove the chain that keeps the bicycle locked or open the door of the locker to which it is guarding.

This sensor for only the tip of the iceberg: in fact waterproof, therefore a possible downpour will not put it out of use and the rechargeable battery has an autonomy of thirty thousand unlocks. It is possible to store up to 50 different fingerprints, thus allowing the whole family to control the device.

The 280 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery can last up to 1 year or manage 30,000 lock / unlock operations. The battery level and charge status can be viewed through the launcher application. It can be recharged via the Micro-USB interface.

Koogeek padlock compatible HomeKit, unlocks with a fingerprint

Thanks to the compatibility with HomeKit technology, it is also possible to control locking and unlocking from the application or via Siri, as well as checking the last 100 operations, keeping track of lock / unlock times and finally receiving instant alerts for unlocking / locking directly from the Apple Home app.

This lock by Koogeek is currently on sale on Amazon at a price of 60.99 euros.