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Kontakt 1.1 for Mac for sale

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Native Instruments announces that Kontakt 1.1 for Mac and PC for sale. Kontact 1.1 brings the powerful software sampler to the Mac platform, and adds several improvements to the existing PC version. It offers the exact same features in both versions, and the ability to read has been added. HALion, EXS and SDII files, in addition to the Gigasampler, AKAI, Sound Font and Battery formats already present.Kontakt 1.1 exploits the Altivec capabilities of the G4 processors, allows you to manage up to 256 stereo voices and its modular architecture proposed on the screen allows to apply filters, effects and modulations with a simple click. 5CD are included in the package, each focused on a specific genre, for a total of over 3GB of sounds: from pianos to drums, guitars, basses and vintage instruments. The supported standards are VST 2.0, DXi, DirectConnect, MAS, ASIO, DirectSound, MME, SoundManager, FreeMIDI, OMS.

Kontakt will also exploit the "Direct From Disk" technology, which will allow the sampler to read the samples directly from the Hard Disk without loading it into RAM, overcoming the limitations of the latter and making it possible to use much larger samples ( the limit at this point becomes the space on the hard disk). The “Direct From Disk” extension will be available as a free download to registered users starting from November 2002.

More information on the website dedicated to Kontakt.

(By Daniele Volpin)