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Known faces also switch

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After the spots of the "common faces" also those of the famous people. This is how the “Switch” campaign evolves, which since yesterday presents characters such as the popular Tony Hawk, one of the most famous professional skaters in the world, if not the most famous in the world, as testimonials.

Tony Hawk, so well known that he was also the protagonist of a game that bears his name, talks about how he decided to switch to the Mac he uses to edit videos of his eldest son, who, needless to say, is also a skateboard enthusiast.

Next to Tony Hawk there are also Kelly Slater, a professional surfer who uses the Mac to make videos of himself on the table, and DJ Qbert, a "scratcher" DJ who, needless to say, uses the Mac to create music.

The first two spots, the one with Hawk and Slater, as well as the testimony very similar to that of the previous switchers, also features clips of the skateboarding and surfing performances of the two protagonists. Qbert, of course, "scratcha" in semi-direct.

According to some sources, the appearance of well-known American faces is a prelude to a new strategy by Apple in the "Switch" campaign that will add famous people to the common ones who have opened the new advertising trend.