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Kingston DC1000B, the new SSD series for Data Center

Kingston DC1000B, la nuova serie di SSD per Data Center

Kingston DC1000B has just been presented, the new series of SSDs designed specifically for corporate data centers and which in fact marks the company's entry into this particular market.

This new drive designed for servers that need one or two M.2 NVMe slots dedicated to boot, thus preserving precious space to be able to dedicate to the 2.5 front-loading bays for storing additional data. DC1000B built in 2280 format, which includes PLP (Power Loss Protection) functionality and a 0.5 DWPD4 resistor.

This device promises speeds of up to 3.2GB / s and 205K IOPS2 and enhanced to support typical workloads of both the startup units and the units intended for caching and application logs.

Kingston DC1000B, the new SSD series for Data Center

Kingston DC1000B uses the latest generation PCIe Gen 3.0 x 4 interface with NAND TLC 3D technology and, as we said, its use as an internal boot unit for high-volume rack servers represents the best use that can be done in the business environment. It also works well in systems that require a high-performance M.2 SSD with integrated PLP (Power Loss Protection) functionality.

Kingston DC1000B, like the other disks of this pasta, structurally able to constantly offer enterprise level performance and low latency characteristics, normally unattainable for an SSD product intended for traditional consumers.

This new Kingston disk available in 240 GB and 480 GB capacities with prices of approximately 100 and 160 euros respectively based on the memory cut chosen, and covered by a five-year warranty and free technical support.