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Kindle and iPad: Amazon's Plan B

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We can read it in many ways. Business is business. Or "if you can't defeat them, join them." And also: better to always play on red and black. In short, if we see what is going on at Amazon, the largest eCommerce site in the world, we realize that the giant's strategy is certainly not obtuse or oriented to the wall against the wall. Rather.

As we have reported, Amazon has closed the door in the face of the American publisher Macmillan. It should be noted that this is only an indirect effect caused by the arrival of Apple, which is due to Macmillan's desire to try to renegotiate the agreements with Amazon immediately (this to dictate the price of the books and not the publisher in the USA) by finding Jeff Bezos' site ready to break while not creating an uncomfortable precedent.

Instead, Amazon now has to deal with a problem that is actually a false problem. What happened to the Kindle, its device for reading books using the screen with E Ink technology? The simplest answer will return to the niche to which it belongs: super-specialized devices that, at present, can only do what they do well and nothing else: show book pages in black and white. But that's not the problem for Amazon.

The company is in fact driving a platform, not a hardware product (such as eBook readers from Sony and others, Samsung included). And so he is working hard, sources inside the company and apparently also his spokesmen confirm, to the realization of the iPad version of his software. That already exists for iPhone (and therefore already usable on iPad, in theory) and on PC, just released in definitive version. Follow on Blackberry and Mac OS X.

Why "surrender" to the enemy? Because Amazon's earnings do not come largely from the sale of hardware, but from books. Exactly the opposite of what happens to Apple. It is therefore better for Amazon to extend its Kindle software platform even outside its device to keep customers and book purchases, rather than transfer them to the opponent.

It was very simple, Amazon is showing it to everyone.