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"Killing" the laptop, easy. Indeed no

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"Killing" the laptop, easy. Indeed no – logomacitynet1200wide 1

"Let's read it carefully and try to be careful", this seems to be the sense of a ranking of this type, they seem strange situations but what really seems to happen to those who have split the laptop in two in the last five years, according to group analysts insurance CCC – Complete Computer Cover. Clearly the aim of CCC is to have the computers of the reader insured, but perhaps, with a little more care, many damages or Fantozzian situations could be avoided, given that 60% of unpleasant occasions are caused by accidents (the rest we owe to thieves), but here is the ranking of destruction of the laptop according to the situations calculated by the institute, on its customers: 1) placing the computer on the parapet of a bridge, this finished below, in water2 ) iron dropped on the screen 3) a dog that eats the cables (they seem to like them very much) 4) crushed on the street by a passing car (here is a video that reconstructs the action in a .mpg 2.5 MB) 5) pouring a "milk shake" on the keyboard 6) abandonment on the roof of the car which, at the first corner, projects it far away7) fallen from the stairs8) water has invaded the hotel room9 ) violent fall of a book on the keyboard10) fallen out of a van.

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