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Keyspan: Mac OS X driver for the serial adapter

Keyspan: Mac OS X driver for the serial adapter Keyspan

Developers who need to use serial devices under Mac OS X and have Keyspan's TWIN USB Serial Adapter can request the new driver for free by sending an email to (email protected)

Keyspan "width =" 500 "height =" 500 "data-lazy-srcset =" 500w, https: // www. 360w, 480w, https: // 420w, 300w, 200w, -68x68.jpg 68w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px "data-lazy-src =" /keyspanserial.jpgThe Keyspan adapter, first introduced in October 1998, one of the most popular devices and with which it is possible to take advantage of "old" serial peripherals such as: modem; printers, cameras, PDAs, graphics tablets and so on.

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